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Let our talented team of master stylists & master technicians show you the Inspiration DREAM TEAM difference!


Meet the Dream Team


Amber is Inspiration's lead stylist she been mastering the art of hair for 9 years. Amber has a creative eye like no other she loves a challenge! "Have you ever walked out of another salon with tears in your eyes thinking what just happened? I love to help those clients!" Amber has been with the Inspiration Dream Team for 4 Years.


Brianna has been a hair artist for 4 years after going to the most advanced hair school in New England and learning the most technical techniques she is a true artist that uses hair as her canvas. Hair painting is her favorite technique and the outcome shows! " I love to be creative, hair painting lets me be an artist. Some people might say its only hair. I say its only hair when its not fabulous hair!"

Hair painting isn't a technique that just anyone can do. It is a skill that is first taught, and then perfected by a hair artist not everyone can pick up a brush and call themselves a hair artist. Don't be fooled by the imitation want to be Vangoghs'. Brianna has been with the Inspiration Dream Team for 2 years


Jannine is the owner of Inspiration since 1/2015. She does everything but hair. (Don't tell her that lol) Her army of loyal team members and clients turned friendships are very special to her. That is what started our Loyalty Club. Jannine said "It‘s a small way I can say thank you for all the love and support I feel from my DREAM TEAM that includes clients, teammates, family, and friends all throughout the years." "My Dream Team is truly amazing! I can honestly say when I am ask for reccomendations for a stylist or technichian  "I am 100% confident with my all of my  teamates skills every team member is a true master." It wasn't easy at first it took me awhile to find and build the Inspiration Dream Team we are finally complete my girls truly impress me every single day. I can't imagine my life without them. We truly are FAMILY. 

Hair Artistry!


Lindsey got started doing hair and makeup for all her very trendy friends and family as a teen before going to hair school. Its in her DNA. She’s been in the business for over 6 years. Her favorite service is fantasy coloring. We think she has unicorn magic in her blood! “I'm here to listen. Tell me what you're feeling, and I'll do my best to exceed your expectations." She loves the transformation effect! Lindsey has been with the Inspiration Dream Team for 3 years

yup!! Beyond the basics strikes again!


Michelle is true gem, and artist sit in her chair for 5 minutes and you'll feel like you've known her forever, you've finally found your forever home! Her education includes several hundred advanced haircutting classes. She just can't get enough education! Her coloring technique will leave you speechless. Your husband will even notice! “You know you've gotten a really superb haircut when strangers stop you and ask you who your stylist is. That's my goal, for every haircut." Michelle has been with the Inspiration Dream Team for 2.5 Years


Kristyn has been styling hair for over 10 years.  Her educational background includes several advanced haircutting and coloring classes. “I will never let you—or your hair—down.”  Awesome almost impossible color correction handled like a boss! Kristyn and Jannine started the Inspiration Dream Team 4 years ago!


Suzanne is the person you might see at the front desk or talking to you on the phone she works her magic to make sure you get the appointment you want with the artist you need. "They call ME the appointment whisper" No DREAM TEAM is complete without a MOMAGER


Lisa joined the Inspiration Dream Team a little over 1 year ago. Her dedication to leaning and educating herself about everything in the esthetics field and beyond is second to no one. She truly is a master with patience and talent for eyelash extensions and esthetics. Her gift is truly amazing. We are so happy she is apart of our DREAM TEAM! 


Sarah is the newest member of the Inspiration Dream Team she is a true master in the beauty world. Her Instagram is extremely impressive! We are very lucky to have another talented stylist join the "DREAM TEAM"  Sarah said, "She wanted to be a stylist since she was 5. It's my TRUE passion, and being apart of the Inspiration Dream Team was a goal she wanted to reach." Welcome aboard Sarah!
We see a lot of big things happening for Sarah with Inspiration Dream Team.


Darlene has been a skilled Nail Tech for many years. Her Americanized technique is old school. With no harsh drills your nails will look and FEEL amazing. Darlene says "My clients are truly like family." 

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Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel, please give us 24 hours notice, so our team has the chance to fill your spot. Multiple no calls no shows will result in a non refundable deposit  worth 50% of the service.

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Our Story / What clients are saying

The New Inspiration Hair Studio And Day Spa - Re-established 2015

Inspiration goes beyond the basics to bring you the best. If you can imagine it we can create it! You are sure to see and feel the NEW Inspiration Hair Studio and Day Spa DREAM TEAM DIFFERENCE!

The NEW Inspiration has been under new ownership and was completely Re-established in January 2015 purchased by Jannine Almquist-Preservati she has been at Inspiration off and on over 17 years.

Jannine had a dream of having an entire team of talented stylists and estheticians, who could do cutting edge techniques and styles, more than just the everyday basic salon and spa. (Sure we can do the basics too, the choice is yours.) She wanted a team comprised of multiple talents. A group that not only wanted to style and beautify, but wanted to work and grow together through education and teamwork. 

  Over the next 4 years and 100’s of interviews in between, she found her dream team Suzanne, Amber, Lindsey, Michelle, Lisa, Kristyn, Brianna, Sarah, Asmahan and Darlene completed the Inspiration Dream Team with Jannine.

 We are a fun, loving, loyal, silly, playful group filled with compassion and talent. Come see what sets Inspiration Hair Studio and Day Spa apart from the rest. Experience for yourself why people have voted us # 1 for 4 years in a row and have grown to over 3900 Facebook followers in just 4 YEARS!

What Clients are saying

Cindy HV "Absolutely my favorite salon. I have never been disappointed with any service I have received." 

Ashley L "Today was my first time here. I had an amazing experience. I came in for a cut, color and eyebrow wax. "(My stylist)" was professional, social and very knowledgeable. I will be coming back again! So in love with my cut and color!"

Rebecca C "I absolutely love Inspirations. I have referred numerous friends and family members who have all had amazing experiences as well." 

Kelsey X "This place is amazing. Every time I walk out I’m 100% satisfied. It’s a great vibe, great conversation and a fabulous finished product. Definitely my go-to salon every time"

Adrienne R  "I found a new home for all my hair needs and products!!! Inspirations is the best Salon I have ever been in and the people are absolutely amazing!! I am in love with my hair absolutely in love with my hair!!! You will not be disappointed I guarantee it!!!🤗 I am one extremely happy customer!!"

Cindy R "What a phenomenal place, Full of down to Earth women (YES!) who know their stuff (YES again haha)!!! I am still in awe. I am so beyond happy to finally be meeee LOL and if you are questioning if you should go? All I can add is the truth, I highly recommend (to anyone) to go to Inspiration and that means a lot when that is coming from ME! What a wonderfully group of talented women who again know what they are doing! Thank you so MUCH!"

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